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Using presentation software like PowerPoint to deliver a one-way training session is no longer effective. You need tools that let your participants engage meaningfully with your sessions.


Your slides try to do too much. Instead, we offer simple, elegant and carefully-crafted minimal designs. Stunning slide templates and subtle design elements that help your audience to learn.


Dozens of activities where the participants actually DO something fun as they learn. Gamification and Kaizen techniques that ensure your audience is paying attention to every word you say.

The GPS Framework

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Our users are saying…

I will never go back to the old way of using PowerPoint or Google Slides during my trainings. This is the way forward – whether I do virtual or classroom sessions

Usha Shivaprakash

I have done thousands of training sessions. With Dextr, I am able to gamify and deliver high impact virtual sessions too. I recommend all trainers to use it and increase the effectiveness of their sessions.

Ashraf, Life Academy

So proud of you to have come out with such a fantastic tool for trainers. This tool can change the whole character of the virtual training industry.

Bhuvana Pashupathi, Bangalore

Why is your best bet!

  • The only platform specifically built for trainers and facilitators

  • Feedback is instantaneous and contextual

  • A clear vote is better than a hand raise or a chat response

  • Anonymous participant responses are more honest

  • Gamification ideas that will make your training memorable

  • Kaizen-derived ideas that enhance engagement & learning

  • Audience responses are there for everyone to see

  • Minimal & efficient slide designs that focus on ideas that matter

  • Ever-increasing games & group activities you can rely on

  • Access to a vibrant community & to lots of amazing resources