Frequently Asked Questions2020-07-09T13:50:03+05:30

Frequently Asked Questions

What is is an interactive presentation tool developed by Gentle Bamboo Solutions

Is this an alternative to Zoom, MS Teams or Google Meet?2020-07-09T13:30:10+05:30

No. You will still need a platform like Zoom or Teams or Meet to create a video conference and to share your screen. Once your audience is on one of these platforms, then you use instead of, say PowerPoint. is an interactive presentation tool.

How is different from PowerPoint, Keynote and Google Slides?2020-07-09T13:31:01+05:30

These three tools mentioned above are fantastic tools in themselves. They are built for one-way presentation, and give you lots of freedom in design.

There is a problem though. If you are a trainer or a facilitator, that’s not enough. Any good facilitator necessarily has to incorporate the inputs from participants into the session. Facilitation is not a one-way street. Dextr solves the many problems associated with using a tool like above, and gives the participants some level of control in the session.

How is different from interactive tools like Kahoot or Mentimeter?2020-07-09T13:32:18+05:30

In many ways. At first glance, it may look like all these software share a similar aesthetic with That is where the similarities end.

These are general-purpose tools, whereas is built ground up by facilitators and for facilitators. We have built the tool to help us deliver our own corporate training better, so we build what’s best for people like you and me.

The development roadmap of will be based on the interests of facilitators like you. (We also listen to our niche facilitator community a lot while deciding new features).